As you remember your nation

As you remember the nation where you are placed,
Know there can be Godly change.
You yourself can change the atmosphere
Where you live, wherever you go –
Wherever you work and wherever you walk.

My people, the Kingdom of God is within you.
You are to impart my light and my love.
Be strong in me and the power of my might.
Of me, do not be ashamed.
As you honour me before men
So shall my Father honour you.

I am moving in all the nations of the world.
It will be seen that righteousness exalts a nation.
Those who support my nation of Israel
Soon will be clearly seen.
I will honour those who give honour
Where honour is due.
Honour my Son, my people
And honour my Holy Spirit.
We work together as “one”.
We will orchestrate my end-time plan –
My promises fulfilled with the aid of man.
My angels now are preparing
For the Marriage Feast
And more are on assignment –
My plans on earth to help complete.

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