Arise! Shine! The light has come

“Arise! Shine! The light has come.
The glory of the Lord has risen upon you.”
I say again to you: Arise and shine!
The light that has been given to you
Is not just that you shine.
It is for you to be a light
And then to ignite!

Pass on my light to others my people.
Tell them the Kingdom of God has come.
Truly, you are ambassadors for me
Representing my Kingdom on earth.
I am your source of light –
The only true light that came into the world
And by the darkness, not recognised.

It is time my people, for me to be recognised.
It is by your lives, men will see me.
Keep shining and even glowing, for it is time
For my truth to be revealed.
I am the truth – as well as the way and the life.
I am to be seen and known my people.
My glory will be seen and my glory will be known!

It is time!

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