It is in verse form

It is in verse form I’ve given you words
That they may sing in your heart.
There is a ring of joy
That comes from my heart
For I was pleased with my creation –
I was pleased when I made man.
I knew the potential that I had placed
In the commencement of the human race.

I have made the cycles of time, the seasons,
And the systems in the human body.
They were made to function in an orderly fashion.
I have enabled you to have feelings, emotions,
And the ability for passion.
I have made you in such a way
That you can glorify me.
May the passion of my people lie
In emulating me.

I came to earth as a man
To show the only true way of life.
I came as the true light into the world
To turn the darkness into light.
My people, while you are on earth
You are to turn the darkness into light.
Arise now and shine my people
For the glory of the Lord is upon you.
Glorify me in all you do.
I am Christ in you, the hope of glory.

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