Consider my daughter and consider well

Consider, my daughter, and consider well
The things I would have you tell –
And I would have you consider, my son,
Remembering from where you have come.

My people, consider my ways.
They are not as your ways.
Consider my word which is the truth revealed;
I am the way, the truth and the life.

The ways of the world will never satisfy
For the hunger in your innermost being
Can only be satisfied in knowing me,
Not just knowing more about me.

Consider my people and consider well –
How well do you really know me?
Have you denied your will
And accepted my will alone for your life.
Consider me my people, as Lord –
Lord of all you are and have.
Relinquish all to me again –
Your life to be re-aligned and recharged again.

There is no greater love
Than the love I have for you each one.
My will and way for your life
Is for your ultimate good, each one.

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