Step into my presence

Step into my presence
My daughter, my son, and learn from me
For if you do not spend time in my presence
How can you come to truly know me?
Do not boast of your wisdom or strength
Or if you have attained much wealth.
If you are to boast,
Boast only in understanding and knowing me –
That I am the Lord who exercises loving-kindness
Justice and righteousness in the earth
And it is in these things I delight.

Step into my presence
And truly learn of me.
I am the One providing wisdom and strength –
Jehovah Jirah, your provider.
Once you learn more of who I am
You will move into your destiny
For I am the one who made you.
I know you through and through.
I am moulding and shaping you,
That you might be used to further my plans.
Know that I desire to use you
Playing your part in my end-time plans.

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