Move I say. My daughter – My son!

Move I say, my daughter – my son!
Move with my Spirit now
Move each one!
There is to be a flowing together
Such as never before.
Be attuned to my Spirit
More finely attuned than ever before.

Without hearing my strategy,
Each one goes their own way
Doing what they believe is right
To honour and glorify me.
Seek together my people, for my strategy.
It is seated together you have been placed
In the heavenly places with me.

It is in the Spirit you will find where you fit
In the wider picture for me
For I know the plans I have for you
For your city and your nation.
My people, without you moving together
With one heart and one mind,
The enemy can get a foothold
And hinder my plan and purpose.

My generals have served well for me
Battling on different fronts.
I ask them now to join forces with me
And make a united front.

I ask you to hear my heart-cry each one
And join together as “one”,
Listening for my strategy
And moving together in unity.

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