I see the hearts of my people

I see the hearts of my people
And, as well, those I am drawing to me.
I am Lord of the harvest
And you need to listen for my strategy.
Many prophesies have been made
And they now must be fulfilled.
There is nothing hidden that won’t be revealed.
I raise up and I put down.
Those now in places of authority
Can be easily removed
Should they not be in their rightful place
As my end-time plan unfolds.

Your trust must be in who I Am
And that I know what is best for all humanity.
The consequences of wrong choices made
Must be borne along the way.
Whatever is sown must be reaped.
It has had to be that way.
My people, it is not too late
To turn from your wicked ways –
As you humble yourselves and pray
And as you seek my face,
I promise I will hear and answer.
I will indeed heal your land –
All that has been entrusted to you.
Expect to see a change.

Rest in knowing I see your hearts
And those I am drawing to me.
Be one who goes into the harvest field
Using my strategy.
Each occasion is not the same
As the one before.
Learn and become more proficient.
My Glory will be seen more and more.

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