When I came to earth

When I came to earth and became a man
It was to reveal the love of the Father
For all mankind.
I was a miracle baby
Born of the Holy Spirit and a young virgin lady.
There was a plan and a destiny for me
To be the Saviour, Healer, Deliverer –
The only sinless One who could be sacrificed –
The Passover Lamb – as prophesied.

For each of you my people, there is a plan and a destiny.
At this time, remember why I came –
That you might be set free of all guilt and shame –
Your sins forgiven and washed clean in my blood,
Becoming part of my family
And bearing my Name into all eternity.

Be excited my people, as you remember my birth
And the reason why I came to live on the earth.
I came to let the oppressed go free –
To bring peace and love and joy on the earth.
There is a plan for you each one –
A destiny while you are on earth.

The time is short my people.
I need you to play your role in my end-time plan.
Do what you know now to do
And more will be revealed to you.
Enter into my joy and rest.
My peace I leave with you as you do your best.

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