Come and be with me – I wait for you

Come and be with me – I wait for you.
I wait and I wait and I wait.
You are so busy doing things for me
That you have no time for just me.

This is so often the case my people
To varying degrees.
You may give me time here and there
But I say to you today.
Be still and know that I am God.
It is for you to stop and hear my heart
For as you spend regular times with just me
You will be strengthened and changed
And meet the needs of my heart.

We are to grow in our relationship –
Which means spending time together.
I speak through my Word
And I speak through my Spirit
And I give visions and dreams –
Yet it is my rest I desire for you
And as you cease from your own works
And take only my yoke upon you,
You will know my yoke is easy
And my burden is light.

Take more time to enjoy my company.
My timing is always right
And as my people hear my strategy
And move in unity,
My plans and purposes will be accomplished
For all eternity.

The beauty of your words often overwhelm me
May I be one who hears and does
All that is required of me
Taking more time to be with just You
And moving when you say “move!”

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