Come and reach out

Come and reach out and touch the hem of my garment.
Health and wholeness are waiting for you.
When I was on earth, this happened for the one
Who had the faith to believe for her healing –
To stop the flowing of her blood.
Health and wholeness are still there my people
For those who believe in what I have done
For on the cross at Calvary
I willingly gave of my blood.
I was willing to die that you might live
And by the stripes on my back, be healed.

It is for you I came to earth
To reveal the love of the Father.
These things you may know –
But do you really know
The depth of His love for you.
Take more time to spend in His presence –
Let His love soak deep into your being.
He desires to reveal more of Himself to you
That you might grow in hearing and seeing
For it is in the Spirit you are to live.
In me you live and move and have your being.

Come my people, be whole and complete
Just as you were designed to be.

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