Take and eat that you might be filled

Take and eat,
That you might be filled with my fullness
Take and drink,
That out of you will flow rivers of living water.

Open my Word that you might feast my people.
There is wisdom and knowledge and love
And revelation –
Waiting for you to receive and explore
For in my Word there are treasures
Treasures forever more.

I am still speaking my people.
I am the living Word.
I am still healing, my people
Because of the stripes on my back.
Healing is waiting for you.
Receive now the benefits of all I have done.
They are waiting for you.
Just believe and receive, my dear ones.
My love reaches out to you.

I desire you to walk in my fullness.
Be filled with my Spirit each day.
Take time out from your busy-ness
And be refreshed each day
For you are my hands and feet
And my mouth-piece in the world today.
I am “Christ in you the hope of glory” –
Be my witnesses I pray.
Do those exploits.
Reveal my deep love,.
Save the lost.
Draw them with my love.

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