Perth 4 Jesus

The platform is being raised
And made wider that more may see –
Higher wider and deeper
For the panorama to be clearly seen.
Yet that is to be as a back-drop
To enhance the centre stage.

The latter rain with the former rain
Are being poured out together –
The new with the old, right around the globe.
The young and the old, the women with the men –
All to be playing their role.
There is no-one greater than another.
I show no partiality.

My glory is to be revealed more than ever before –
My glory to be revealed in each one –
My glory passed on from my Son.
Lift Him up my people.
He is to be “centre stage”.
Make room for the King of Glory.
The King of Glory is coming in.
Make way! Make way for the soon-coming King!

My people, He is the miracle-worker.
He is the One who does compassionate deeds.
He is the One who heals and delivers
And He is the One to be glorified and honoured
For who He is,
Rather than what He does.

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