Do not be discouraged

Do not be discouraged.
Look from where you came.
I have brought you out of darkness.
You now have no guilt or shame.
The blood of my Son has set you free –
By the stripes on His back you were healed.
Be encouraged that you can now
Look at others and set them free.

Look around you, my people.
Wherever you look, the need is great.
Know that I can meet that need.
Be available to me.
Be ready for when I call
And point you to this one or that.
You have been prepared,
It is not by might, nor by power
But by My Spirit, you are to act.

The doors of peoples’ hearts are ready to be unlocked.
You have the keys, my people.
Reach out and love with my love.
The anointing on you will break those yokes.
My healing love is now to flow
Stronger that ever before –
That need is great in the world today,
To fight against cruelty and greed.
Bind and loose with my authority.
Step forward and go, setting captives free.

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