You are being prepared

You are being prepared for the task ahead
Everyone in their own role.
I am guiding your footsteps.
The steps of a righteous man are ordered by the Lord;
The men and women that I have made righteous
All because of the blood shed on the cross for you.

These are the days of Elijah.
There is a preparing for my coming,
For truly I am coming soon my people.
There is golden rain sparkling in the sun
Pouring down from my cloud of glory –
Pouring down on everyone who desires to be “one” –
One with the Father, Spirit and Son
For we are “one” my people.
We flow as “one” bring into being
The Father’s plan and purpose for all mankind.

Be as “one” my people
Dove-tailing together in unity –
Everyone in their own role –
My Body functioning well for me.
I am the head of my Body.
The coordination of my Body has to come from me.
Stay close to me my people.
Feel my heart-beat.
Hear my heart cry.
With my love, you will flow together in unity,
Bringing in the harvest of souls
Planned for all eternity.

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