Look out and what do you see?

Look out and what do you see? –
Everywhere my creativity.
Not just in the trees, the flowers, the plants –
Not just in the animals or birds or fish of the sea
You are the pinnacle my people
Of my creativity.

I am the Creator of the Universe.
All the earth is mine and its fullness
As well as those who dwell within.
There is a peace past your understanding
When you discover my deep love for you
And that I made every part of you.
You will then know why I sent my Son
So that I could reveal myself to you.
There is a deeper life awaiting you.
I am your Father waiting for you.
The time has come for you to come home
And receive from me that which is your own.

All that you could ever desire
Was paid for, by my Son.
Come home and receive your inheritance
That your life may be full and free –
A life that will be fulfilling to you
Giving all glory to me.
My love is an unconditional love
Yet you will live your life desiring
To honour and bless me.

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