My people, you are to be like me

My people, you are to be like me.
You have been made “in our image
According to our likeness” –
Father, Spirit, Son – we are “one”.
You identify more with me
For I came to earth and, as a man,
Revealed the love of the Father to you.

You now have dominion in the earth
As was given in the beginning
For you have been redeemed
And have regained that dominion.
Do not be deceived.
You are now to rule and reign with me.

All authority has been given to you.
Use that authority wisely in my Name –
The Name that my Father has ordained
To be higher than any other name.
I am Lord of all lords and King of all kings.
I am the Alpha and Omega
The Beginning and the End.
You are in me and I am in you.

Be willing to reveal my likeness in you.
Give honour to whom all honour is due.
Reveal the truth that lies in my Word
And with the same resurrection power
That raised me from the dead
Do those exploits for me –
Signs, wonders, miracles –
My healing love to draw men to me.

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