The cloud of glory contains my fullness

The cloud of glory above the City
Contains my fullness for Perth
Which is to be recognised
As a strategic place on the earth.

“The great southland of the Holy Spirit”
Has been proclaimed over your land
And my Holy Spirit has been hovering
For so long over your land.

Righteousness exalts a nation.
Rise up my righteous ones –
All those who belong to me.
Wear your righteous robes.
My shofars are blowing.
There is a trumpet call going out
Right across your land.
It is a clarion call to action –
A clarion cry from my heart
That my people will flow in my Spirit,
Working in harmony,
Bringing in my fullness –
My glory to be revealed.

Embrace the Refiner’s fire sweeping across your land.
Be purified before me as I come to take the land.
Deep calls to deep my people.
Be ready for when I come.
Together we will reveal to all
The victory has already been won.

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