You can enter into a dimension

You can enter into a dimension
You could not have conceived.
If only you could recognise
You are made in my image – like me.
For those who diligently seek me
I will reward.
For those who diligently desire to go deeper
I will reward.

My Holy Spirit is there alongside
Waiting for your arms to open wide,
Ready to receive all that He has for you.
His gifts are “aplenty”
And held out to you,
Full of power and might,
And full of revelation
To give you more insight.

Enter into that new dimension
Where you have not travelled before
The door is open wide my people.
There is room for each inside that door.
It will mean leaving your comfort zone,
Yet you will enter into my rest,
Ceasing from your own labours.
For you I have the very best,.

My people, continue to desire to grow
Even more in the knowledge of me.
Deep calls to deep, my beloved ones.
I ask you to spend more time with me.

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