It is a new day my people!

It is a new day my people!
Take my love and my mercy
I hold out to you.
Take my grace –
It is sufficient for you.
Walk in newness of life each day.
There are new challenges and new blessings.
Each day is not the same as any day before.
Each day I desire to give you new revelation
Of who I Am and who you are in me
For you have not understood my people:
You have truly been made in the image of me.

I am a spirit being –
This you understand,
But you have not fully understood
You are a spirit being like me.
I have given you a body and other faculties
Yet it is in the Spirit you are to operate
To do those exploits for me.
You are to abandon, as much as you can,
Every hindrance to you being close to me
That you might hear my instructions
In your daily walk with me.
You are not to struggle and strive.
You are to rest in me.
Cease from your own works
And allow me to work through you.
The glory is for me alone –
Not from any works you have done.
My resurrection power will flow through you
As you move in unison with me.
I am to be glorified in the earth today.
It is through you, my Glory will be seen and known.
Arise and shine for my Glory has risen upon you!

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