Take hold of my hand

Take hold of my hand
As I reach out to you
To lift you up
And strengthen you.
It is my mighty right arm
I stretch out to you
To impart my strength
And my joy to you.

My people, be strong in me
And in the power of my might.
My Holy Spirit will carry you through.
Your own strength is not sufficient for you.

It is time for you to do exploits for me –
To reveal to the world my supernatural ability.
I created my people to function well for me.
It is time for you to glorify me.

Be filled with my Spirit until you overflow,
So that His gifts to others will freely flow.
Bring into being my miraculous deeds.
There is power in your words, before not conceived.

Take hold of my hand.
Take hold of my Word.
The signs will follow as you speak my Word.
Bring life and salvation
To those who have never before, heard –
For some have never heard of me,
The One who died to set them free.
Tell them what I have done in your life.
Bring to them, that same “new life”.

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