Stand upon me, your rock

Stand upon me, your rock.
All other ground is sinking sand.
My Name is higher than any other name
And you are joint heirs with me.
You now bear my Name
For you are “Christ” ones –
Anointed ones.
You are to stand tall and strong
Wearing my badge of authority upon you,
Knowing that the same power that raised me
From the dead, now resides in you –
My resurrection power.
You have been entrusted with power
Beyond your full understanding,
Yet you have been entrusted with this power.

My people, it is time for you to walk wisely before me,
You have been given this gift for the benefit of others.
You have been given this gift that you might fulfil
Your part in bringing my plan and purpose into being
In the world today.
You have been anointed for such a time as this.
Be filled to overflowing and allow the overflow
Of my Holy Spirit to reach those in need.
It is for my Glory
You have been endowed with my resurrection power.
Be aware now of where I would have you channel
This power.
I am a Supernatural God
And I desire to reveal more of Who I Am
Through my very own people.
My signs and wonders are now to be seen
With you giving all the honour to me.

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