None of the words I speak are careless

None of the words I speak are careless words –
They all have a purpose.
When I say “Rejoice! Rejoice!
And again I say Rejoice!”
Know that laughter strengthens the bones
And that the joy of the Lord is your strength –
Know that the word of knowledge
And the word of wisdom
Are given as gifts to you
For you to minister more effectively.
This is revelation knowledge given to you

My people, the spirit of wisdom and revelation
I long to impart – more and more and more.
I desire you to know the hope of your calling
And for you to grow into that more;
For truly, you do have a role to play
In my end-time plan.
You each have been born for such a time as this.
I have the blueprint in my hand.
Every word I speak to you has its own purpose.
It is for you to be open to hear and respond to my call.
You have been prepared and you are strong in me
And ready as I call.

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