The blood of my son made history

The blood of my Son made history –
The cross. a symbol across the earth.
My people, that blood that was shed still speaks
And has never lost its power.

Come into my presence my people
Remembering the sacrifice of my Son
And as you partake of the bread
And the fruit of the vine,
Know this is the new covenant made in His blood.

At this time of revival fire
And my glory being revealed more and more,
Take the time to give thanks to my Son
For the victory already won.

Without you knowing the power in His blood,
You may not be able to keep your health
And strength.
He bore all your sins and sicknesses,
Your diseases, sorrows and griefs.
He bore them all on the cross for you.
This revelation is given for you to receive.

Believe my Word my people.
It is living and sharper than any two-edged sword.
It will always reveal my love for you,
Steady and strong and true.
I would have you healthy and strong
Living in the power of my might.

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