I am preparing the harvest

I am preparing the harvest.
By my Spirit I woo and draw.
I am drawing men to me
More and more and more.
Do you understand my people?
I am softening hearts.
It may not seem so on the surface
But be ready now to impart
Those gifts I have given you.
Help them to know true love from my heart.

There is much cruelty and hatred
In the world today
And often, through much diversity,
People have lost all hope along the way.
I am the God of Hope.
Be sensitive and discern.
The discerning of spirits you will know.
Stay close to me and with my Spirit, flow.

I am awakening my people
Right across the land.
Revival fire has been ignited
And will spread across the land.
The impact will be more clearly seen
As you gather together as “one”
Fighting together the enemy forces
Trying to overtake your land.
Enforce the victory I have already won.
I am Lord of your land.

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