I delight in you my people

I delight in you my people –
You are my children – my very own.
You have been born of my Spirit.
You have been born anew.
By my Spirit, my Holy Spirit
Be holy now my people.
You have been given my righteousness.
Of yourself you are unable to be clean and holy.
By the blood of my Son
You have now been made clean.
I ask you now to walk in my Spirit –
To walk on the path I have chosen for you.
Do not be deterred by any other sign-post
Along your way.

As of old, you are people of “the way”
My way, not going your way any longer.
Jesus spoke “I am the way, the truth and the life”
And this was recognised in days gone by.
When I was represented on the earth
By my beloved Son.
I revealed my love for you through His life
And through His death on that cross.
Know that my love has never waned –
It is an everlasting love.
That same love I desire for you to show
One to another, one to another
For I desire the world to see you are mine
And will desire to know who I Am.

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