Take a step forward

Take a step forward.
Answer the call.
Move when I say “move!”
I beckon and I call.

There is an unprecedented harvest
To be gathered in.
Pray for the labourers
To go into the harvest field
To move with me when I move in.

Be willing now to labour together.
Enjoy this harvest time.
Rejoice with the angels in heaven
As the people are drawn to me.
This is to be a labour of love
Revealing my love and my glory –
And for those who desire to be used of the enemy,
They will be judged by me at the right time
And fail to reach their true destiny.

Take that step forward
And answer the call.
Flow with my love –
Reach out to all.
The time is now short.
Know this to be true
Time now not to be wasted.
Be loyal and true.
Be filled with my Spirit,
Equipped for the task.
My beloved people,
This is all I now ask.

As you preach my Word,
Signs and wonders will follow.
You represent me
And My Glory is to be clearly seen!

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