Proclaim, my people! Speak out

Proclaim, my people! Speak out
That which you desire for your nation –
The changes that are needed to come into line
With my plan and purpose for your nation.
Stay focused, my people –
Do not allow the enemy of your souls
And your nation, to dictate to you.
You are the head and not the tail
In your nation.

I Am El-Elyon
The Most High God.
There is none greater than I.
I Am and will forever be.
My peace will guard your hearts and minds
As you lay before me your every concern –
Your every fear,
And as you use the weapon of war that I have given you
Which is not carnal but mighty to the pulling down
Of strongholds –
For though you walk in the flesh
You are not to war according to the flesh.

Cast down arguments and every high thing
That exalts itself against the knowledge of me
And bring down every thought captive
To the obedience of Christ –
All principalities and powers of darkness
Are to bow the knee.

Lift up the name of my Son high over your land,
And as you lift his name up high
Proclaiming him as Lord over your land –
He is risen from the dead and He is Lord –
Every knee will bow and every tongue
Will confess that Jesus Christ is Lord.

Rise up now and be
All I have called you to be
For your nation!

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