Take the words I give

Take the words I give.
The words I give, give life –
Life to the body
Life to the mind
Life to the spirit deep inside.
Life to cities –
Life to nations –
Life wherever you go, my people.

Speak out my Word and change your nation.
I spoke into existence all of creation.
I spoke “let there be light” and there was light.
My people, my resurrection power lives in you.
Speak life and light into your nation.
You are salt and light.
My Son brought light into the world
And the world knew Him not.
He paid a heavy price to bring
To us His light and eternal life.

You are able to change your nation
And bring it into its place in my end time plan.
I hold the blueprint in my hand.
Flow with my Spirit my people.
It is time for your nation to rise up
And be all I have called it to be.
Division is to be no more.
You are my Body and I am the Head.
Function together.
Co-ordinate together.
My Holy Spirit will truly lead and guide.

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