“Come” is the word I speak out to you

“Come” is the word I speak out to you
My daughter and my son.
Come into my presence.
Come deeper into me.
Come and grow and learn more of me.
Come and follow me.
These were the words of my Son to those
He was calling to be His disciples.
My people, it is imperative in this age
To follow what I am doing.
My Holy Spirit will show you the way
And empower you along the way
For it is not by might, nor by power
But by my Spirit you will accomplish
All that is required of you.

Come my daughter – come my son –
My blood has paved the way
For you to come into my presence – everyone.
Revelation knowledge, I long to impart;
This you have, but only in part.
Come my people and again I say come!
Be still and know that I am God.
Give to me every anxious thought,
That I might keep your hearts and minds
In my perfect peace.
Trust me now, implicitly,
Not leaning to your own understanding.
Keep acknowledging me in all your ways
And I will direct your paths clearly.

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