You were made to fit together

You were made to fit together.
You were made to function well.
Each one of you part of my Body
With me as your Head.
Without you each taking clear direction from me
There is lack of co-ordination.
Dysfunction in my Body will no longer be
When you focus your heart and your mind
Totally on me.

Take hold of that for which I have taken hold of you.
Take hold of each other and support each other
With your words and with your actions.
It is time for my Body to slot in together
And forge ahead for me;
With a united front, you will thwart the enemy.
Can you not see the picture my Body portrays
To the world?
More and more this picture is changing.
In part, I am being glorified all round the world.
My glory will be seen and my glory will be known
In a much greater measure,
When my Body is clearly seen
More closely knit together.

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