It must be understood my people

It must be understood my people
That I am a God of loving-kindness
And justice and righteousness.
I exercise these things in the earth
And it is in these things I delight.
This is who I am.

It is not for you to boast or glory
In your wisdom, strength or wealth
But only in knowing who I am.
Much emphasis is made now,
Even among my own people,
About injustice and cruelty in the world
And the evidence of this is clearly seen;
Yet my people, I would have you look
Where I am moving by my Spirit
Sweeping across the face of the earth
Bringing about the answers to the prayers
Of my people,
Bringing about the prophecies in my Word
For truly time is speeding up
And you will see the changes that are taking place
In world affairs.

The enemy of your souls would have you believe
He rules and reigns.
I say to you my people,
I have the blueprint in my hands.
My plans and purposes will be fulfilled.
Move with my Spirit my people.
Join together in a united front
Against the enemy’s schemes.
Be filled with my power.
Set free the captives.
Do exploits for me!

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