How I love my people!

How I love my people.
I love their diversity.
Each person is unique.
It truly delights me.

I would not have it an other way
Yet I desire them to come in line
Hearing what each one is to do
Yet fitting into my plan.

The uniting is to be in the Spirit.
They are made to be as ‘one’.
They all make up my Body
And need to function as ‘one’.
I am the head and when they hear my direction
There is good co-ordination.
Know that soon – of all that has gone before
There will be a culmination.

My people, I love your diversity
But you are all to have my mind.
When you are thinking separately,
My plans lag behind.
The Body of Christ has only one Head.
I am full of power and might.
The anointing I carry, you carry as well.
Move together in my power and might!

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