My people of Sri Lanka

My people of Sri Lanka
My heart cries out to you –
For you have not understood
The plans mapped out for you.
You have been strategically placed
That you will influence the world.

Rise up now my people –
Your flag to be unfurled.
Think of the lion on your flag
As representing me.
I am the Lion of the Tribe of Judah –
The only one worthy to open the seal.

Lift up my Name above all else.
It is greater than any other
And my love is greater than any other force.
With my love, care for each other
And as you show a united front
To the world around you,
The world will know that you are mine
And will desire to emulate me.

Take your place in world affairs now.
It is time for you to be clearly seen.
My blood will cover and protect you.
Sri Lanka you are to glorify me.
You are a land called and chosen.
You are to rise up in unity
So that my plan and purpose can be fulfilled.
And you will fulfil your destiny.

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