The cloud of glory above the city will soon speak to Perth

There is a language I speak to all
It is the language from the heavens.
All the heavens declare my glory –
Their language goes out through all the earth.
I speak to you through the sun, the moon and the stars;
All speak of my glory.

It will be in a Cloud of Glory
I will return to earth.
It will be from the Cloud of Glory
I will reveal myself to Perth.
Be prepared my people.
The time now is short.

The Blood of my Son also still speaks.
It speaks salvation to every nation.
It speaks to a City
Wanting transformation.
The words I speak will not return void –
They will accomplish my purpose.

I am speaking from my Cloud of Glory:
Rise up my people of Perth!
I am Christ in you, the Hope of Glory
And I am coming forth.
My fire and my glory will be seen far and wide –
My miracle power adorning my Bride.

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