Your faith has made you whole.

“Your faith has made you whole.”
These words were spoken to many
Who reached out in faith to receive.
They believed that I had the answer
To meet their healing need.

Your faith still makes you whole
When you believe I provided the answer
When I bled and died on the cross at Calvary.
By the stripes on my back, I provided the answer.
By the blood of my stripes, you are healed.

It is a finished work my people.
“It is finished!” I proclaimed.
This must be understood my people
As you go out in My Name.
Your faith is to be in me
And what I accomplished at Calvary.
This faith will make you whole
Body, mind, spirit and soul.

The human body was made
To function well in every part.
You have been made in Our image
And have been set apart.
Be whole now my people
In body, mind, spirit and soul.
You are my beloved ones.
Show to others you are whole.

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