Know my deep love and take your place

It is for you to know, each one,
Of my deep love for you.
Without you knowing who I Am –
That my love reached out to such an extent
That I gave my only son –
The One who was a part of my very self
That you might be able to come close to me –

Without you knowing this,
You are not able to function
In the fullness I have for you –
You are unable to fully
Take hold of all the benefits
Of the perfect sacrifice given for you.
He had the choice of whether or not
He would take His place and comply
With my plan and purpose for all mankind
And the world I had created.

My people, you too have a choice
As to whether or not you take your place now
In fulfilling my end-time plan.
Every resource is available to you.
I ask you also to be available to me
To stay close to me so that you hear clearly
When I give you your assignments.
I will give you windows of opportunity
And doors that will open before you.

I am preparing hearts
And drawing men and women to me.
It is by my Spirit and my angels
I am bringing the changes I require.
It is not by might nor by power
But by my Spirit, says the Lord.
My glory will be seen and known
In greater magnitude on the earth
Than has been seen before.
Rise up my people and take your place.

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