I am the Alpha and the Omega

I am the Alpha and the Omega –
The beginning and the end.
I was – I AM – and forever will be.
I have been with you right through your present season
And will continue to be.
Every season you experience on the earth
Will pass
And then there will be for you, a new season.
I desire the very best for you my people
And it is for you to know that all things
Do work together for good for those who love me
And are called according to my purpose.
Whatever the season, stay close to me
And there will be growth for good in your life.

I am now moving across the face of the earth
In unprecedented ways.
I am revealing more of who I am
With signs and wonders and revelation knowledge.
I move in ways far beyond your understanding.
I will now cause a need for my people
To come together in a unity
Closer than has been witnessed before.

My plan and purpose will be fulfilled.
I have the blueprint in my hand.
This new season is to be embraced.
It is to be caught and held very close to your heart.
You will have a fervent desire to ignite others
With the fire of the Holy Spirit.
My resurrection power lies within you.
Together impart my love and new life
To a dying world.
It is time for My Glory to be more clearly seen.
“Christ in you the hope of glory.”

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