Come! I say to you – Come!

Come! I say to you – Come!
This word has many connotations:
To call, to beckon, a command to follow,
An invitation to come alongside,
And the opposite of the word “go”.

Today, I say to you – Come!
Spend more time in my presence.
I have much to share with you
To complete in you and to grow in you –
To prepare you for when I say – Go!

Make sure you “come” before you “go”.
This is paramount my people.
You may have learnt much in your Bible School –
Whatever means of learning
But unless you spend time in knowing me,
As well as knowing my Word,
You can operate much in your own strength
And accomplish little for eternity.

Come my people! – Come!
Enjoy my presence every day.
Walk in my Spirit;
Dance and pray in your heart each day.
My joy will be your strength my people.
My glory will shine forth from you.
My peace and love, share as you go on your way.
I will always ask of you to go in My Name
But I ask of you to “come” before you “go”.
You will then have clear direction
And will operate out of my overflow.

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