Trust me to bring into being

Trust me to bring into being
Those things which you speak –
Those things you proclaim
In my name.
It is time my people for you to recognise
Even more than ever before
That you are not just my hands and feet
In the world today;
You are my mouth-piece.
The words of your mouth are more powerful
Than you have conceived before.

My people, the media is speaking;
The politicians are speaking;
Those who consider they are wise in the world
And who are esteemed to have much knowledge
Do not know as they ought to know
And lack my truth and wisdom.
You are now to rise up my people
And speak out the words I give.
Pray for those in authority
To proclaim truth in My Name.

There is to be a culmination now
Of all that has gone before.
My voice is to be clearly heard
Above every other voice.
The power that lies in my Body –
The Body of Christ on the earth –
Is being ignited now by my Holy Spirit.
Revival fire is now sweeping
Across many parts of the earth.
The flames are to engulf you
That you might come forth
With the zeal of the Lord of Hosts
And accomplish my plan on the earth.

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