It is with the zeal of the Lord of Hosts

It is with the zeal of the Lord of Hosts
I would have you come before my throne
Seeking my knowledge and wisdom
For it is with my strategy alone
You will accomplish my plan and purpose.
Your ways must be changed
And replaced with my own.
You cannot come before me
With your pre-conceived ideas.
You are to lay aside your presumptive thoughts
And focus fully on hearing me.

My people, you may feel your world
Is turning upside down;
But in fact, my people, you will soon see
It is being turned the right way up.
You have not realised how the ways of the world
Have infiltrated into your thinking.
They have entered in the life of my Church –
My people and their gatherings.
Revival fire is to be embraced
That you might become clean before me –
All the dross to be gone – for me.

My blood has never lost its power
And as you put me in remembrance,
Partaking of the bread and the fruit of the vine,
You will continue to stay clean before me.
I took your sin, sickness and shame –
Your sorrows and griefs – it is all the same.
I fulfilled all the law on Calvary.
Do not enter into your guilt again.
You are my righteous ones
And continually need to change –
Being changed into my likeness
To glorify My Name.

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