Collaboration is what is required.

Collaboration is what is required –
Collaboration among my people
For the right reason;
That my plan and purpose
Will be fulfilled in your nation.
Be wise as serpents
And innocent as doves.

There has to be a change of mindset
And a mutual desire
That I will presence myself among them
And bring revival fire.
Be prepared my people!
It is harvest time.
My Holy Spirit is moving
Across the face of the earth
Preparing hearts for revival –
His fire will be outpoured.

Be a united force my people
Against the evil forces in your world.
Collaborate together seeking my strategy.
Be of one mind my people –
Be single-minded in your endeavour
To bring salvation to your nation –
It cannot be a personal endeavour.

Lift up your heads
And look only to me.
Behold! All things have become new
And will continue to be.
My mercies are new every morning.
My glory will be seen in you
As revival fire is ignited in you.

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