Every season in your life

Every season in your life
Has been there for a reason,
And now I say to you each one,
It is a brand new season.
There is a season now in the Spirit
That you are to grasp – to catch.
For things in the Spirit
Are more caught than taught.
It is in the Spirit you will know
That the time now is truly short.

In this season you are to function and flow
In the gifts I have given.
I have entrusted you with many gifts –
Very rarely is there only one;
Yet as you exercise that which has been given
To you,
You will grow and flow with my Spirit
And in your giftings, multiply.
My fire and my glory is being poured out.
Be ignited and on fire, for me!

My presence is being revealed to men
In even more ways than before.
Seek my presence, my people.
I am revealing more of who I am.
I am “Peace” in the middle of a storm.
I am “Love” where there is hatred and greed.
I am a miracle-working God,
Doing signs and wonders, even in the sky.
I still heal, deliver and set free.
I am the Alpha and the Omega –
The beginning and the end;
And I am your Soon-coming King!

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