It is only by my Spirit

It is only by my Spirit
You can hear and see and know
Those things that I desire to show.
Deception now is growing fast
It comes from the enemy’s camp.
I am the One who gives you clarity –
Clear direction for you to see.
Confusion is there if you omit
To stay close to me.

My people, when you pray in the Spirit
My Holy Spirit is praying my will into being
And you will find that clarity
Will come into your thinking.
Do not allow the addictions
That are prevalent in the world today
To infiltrate your being
And affect you in any way.
I would have you be the head and not the tail
In all that you do and say.
I have given you authority in the earth today;
My glory to be revealed in you.

Of me, be not ashamed.
Know joy in your heart
And peace in your soul.
I love you my people.
I am making you whole.
It is in revelation knowledge
You will walk day by day.
My knowledge and wisdom will abound
As you pray more in this way.

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