Pray my Word, my people.

Pray my Word, my people –
My Word reveals my heart
My will, and plan and purpose
For all mankind.
Pray in the Spirit my people.
My Holy Spirit will lead and guide.
He is your helper and represents me
On the earth today.
Through Him guiding the words you speak,
You will pray, prophecy and proclaim
My will on the earth as it is in heaven.

My people, I see each heart
As you come before me.
I see every motive and intent of the heart.
My Word has more power
Than you can conceive.
My blood still has more power
Than you can fully conceive.
Know that by applying my blood
You will see healing, deliverance, miracles
And changes needed in people’s lives.
Circumstances will change
Before your very eyes.

I am a miracle-working God –
My angels are on assignments from me,
And I need you to be working with me
In a closer way than ever before.
The time now is short and there has to be
A closer following of my end-time strategy.
My glory is to be more clearly seen.
In you my glory dwells my people
Allow my Glory to be revealed,
My Word and My Spirit revealing more of me.

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