It is with the Holy Spirit and with fire

It is with the Holy Spirit and with fire that I baptise.
For those who are, as it were, “in the upper room”
They will receive their flame.
For those who are expectant and believe my Word
For them there is a flame
Awaiting each one.

You are my precious people,
Designed to function in my fullness
Regardless of your temperament,
Or your personality.
My desire is that you have new zeal
And that you be on fire for me,
For truly the time is short
And I need each one of my people
To fulfil their destiny.

You cannot attain the goal set for you
In your own strength.
My plan and purpose for the whole world
Requires my supernatural power
For its completion,
And each one of you have a part to play –
A part that only you can fulfil.

It is time now for you to seek my face
More earnestly than ever before
For you to be ready receive my glory
And my fire as never before.
That my glory might be more clearly seen.
I am to be glorified in you my people
That the world may be drawn to me.

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