Take now those things I hold out to you.

Take now those things I hold out to you –
Those things you have missed before.
There are many blessings you have missed to take
And much revelation knowledge.
Be ready now to take those things
That you have missed before.
Be not surprised when “suddenly”
Those blessings are poured upon you.

This is the season when you will reap
Many things that you have sown.
You may not have seen them as seeds
But for you, it is harvest time.
From any negative seeds you have sown,
There may still be a reaping of those
But the blessing I am pouring out
Will far outweigh the consequences of those
And your repentance and restoration
Will quickly make amends.
My mercy and my grace,
With my love, to you extend.

You are to receive my people,
To receive my blessings in abundance.
You have been made worthy
By the sacrifice of my Son.
He has paid the price my people
For any of your wrong-doings.
This is the season of your receiving
The abundance of my love.
Push back every negative “receptor” –
Recognise more the depth of my love.

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