My power is within you.

My power is within you
Waiting to be released.
My glory and my revival fire
Is to be grasped my people.
This is the day when my glory
Is being more clearly seen and known;
And my revival fire is being caught
By those who desire to flow with my Spirit
In my plan and purpose for them
And for the world around them.

Truly, you are to be aware
Of the times and the seasons –
Not just in your life and those around you
But I would have you see the wider picture.
There is nothing happening in the world today
Of which I am unaware.
Threats of war and rumours of war
Are evident for all to see.
My people, continually bring these things before me
That I might keep your hearts and minds
In perfect peace.

You are to be a stabilising influence in the world today.
My people are to be now clearly seen
And not to be ashamed of me.
I am your salvation and the salvation
For the whole world.
The power that resides in you
Is my resurrection power.
The authority that has been given to you
You are to use for my glory.
You will create and ignite
My end-time strategy into being.
Listen hard and listen well –
Then proclaim it into being!

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