My people, it is time for you to understand

My people, it is time for you to understand
How valuable you are to me.
You each have a role to play
In my end-time strategy.
The world is heading for destruction
Unless I intervene.
I need you each to focus more on hearing me.
Take time out from your busyness
And spend more time with me.

I am the God of the Breakthrough.
I see your circumstance.
Christ in you is greater
That any evil force in the world.
The blood that was shed on that cross
Is for you to use as well as His name –
They are weapons for you to use
The victory has already been won for you.
I need you to walk in confidence before me.
Each one of you is valuable to me.
I love you each one.
No-one is greater than any other.
I ask you to be available for me to use
In whatever way I choose
And know that all things do work together for good
For those who love me
And are called according to my purpose.

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