The blood of Jesus will protect you.

The blood of Jesus will protect you
From every evil force.
How can you doubt, my people?
I gave my Son that you might live.
Take the time to remember –
Eat of the bread and drink of the vine.
It is for you to honour and respect
The sacrifice made for you.
Do not take them lightly
Or ritualistically.
Recognise the purpose for which He died.
He bore your sin upon that cross
And took all your sicknesses and diseases.
You are now to plead that blood
Over your lives and that of your family.

Take hold of what has been done for you.
Do not believe the enemy’s lies.
Because of my love for you and the whole world,
I gave my only Son –
His sacrifice paved the way
For you to have fellowship with me.
I am your Father and have given you
A weapon to fight – over the enemy.
It is the blood of my Son, so freely given.
It will enforce my victory!

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