I am moving in your city

I am moving in your city.
You may not recognise
People are being reconciled
Strategically in my plan.
Your city is being redeemed
By the Blood of the Lamb.

The reconciling of people to me
And also to each other
Is the ministry to be desired.
This is my heart’s desire for each of my people.
Hatred and greed are progressing
In the world around you –
Selfishness abounds.
As my compassion, grace and love
Continue to flow, my people,
You will find that hearts will melt
The hardened hearts will soften –
Forgiveness is to freely flow
For true reconciliation.
Be willing to be used of me
To reconcile, my people.

This is the will of the Father.
This is our will.
We are as “One”
Father, Spirit, Son.
Flow as “one” my people.
You are my beloved ones.

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